Next Coder Dojo

Hi All,

Our next Coder Dojo will take place on the 23rd March, following a break for St Patrick’s Day next week.

We’re planning to demonstrate the inner workings of a computer, identify what a CPU us, what the RAM looks like, and how all these parts work toghether through the motherboard.

We may even explain what those acronyms stand for 🙂



Welcome to the Curragha Coder Dojo

Hi All,

We’d like to welcome you all to the new Curragha Coder Dojo website.

Students come to join us almost every Monday evening to learn the basics (and sometimes not so basics) of coding.

They’re learning:

  • Scratch
  • WordPress
  • Computer Skills

We encourage the kids to learn by experimentation, and our mentors are always available to help if any questions come up.

We’ve just restarted after the Mid Term break, and the kids in the Scratch class are learning to code a car driving game, the scratch code keeps the car within the boundaries of the track. Next week, we’re going to demonstrate the exact same concept, but by using the Lego Mindstorms robotics kit!